Clog Jam

Clogging in Washington

Welcome to ClogJam! Redmond's only clogging group


Clogging is a percussive dance that keeps time with the downbeat of the music, whereas most other  forms of dance keep time with the upbeat of the music. Cloggers dance to many different styles of music too, including Country-Western, Pop, Rock, and of course, Bluegrass. Clogging often imitates the rhythm of the music it accompanies, although it more often accents and complements the rhythms.  Clogging does not require a partner.


If you love to dance and are looking for some fun exercise, try clogging. Here is a quick list of some of the health benefits in clogging:

  • helps coordination and gracefulness
  • develops flexibility
  • lowers blood pressure
  • increases endurance and strength
  • increases lung capacity
  • relieves stress
  • is great for weight loss(burns around 400 calories per hour)
  • provides a great aerobic workout